Coffins and Urns

Wood Veneer Coffins

The York


Oak veneer coffin with a flat lid, plain sides and gloss polished.

The Kedlaston


Elm veneer coffin fitted with a half round mould on the lid and sides and gloss polished.

The Hartington


Mahogany veneer coffin with routed MDF panel sides and ends, double raised lid and gloss polished.

Solid Wood Coffins

Named Chiltern Oak


A range of personalised coffins are available in either Solid or Veneer woods or painted in a choice of colours, shown here with 'DAD' name in polished Oak veneer.

The Derby


Solid Oak coffin, shown with triple mouldings, butt ends and gloss polished. Shown fitted with Solid Brass fittings which are available at an additional cost


Westminster Casket

Solid Oak English Casket, double raised hinged lid, double mouldings, routed panel sides and ends, shaped corner posts and a high gloss polish finish. *(Fittings shown are for a burial, for cremation the  handles fitted will be similar to that of the Chesterfield coffin).

The Chesterfield


Solid oak coffin, double mouldings, routed panel sides and ends and a high gloss polish finish.

More Options

Essex Solid Oak

Essex Ashes Casket

Solid Oak or Mahogany ashes casket featuring pillared corner posts and fitted with EB ring handles.

Scatter Tube

Scatter Tube

Ashes scatter tube shown with a Cricket theme, alternative themes, colours and sizes available.

Additional Options

An additional range of Cardboard, Named, Painted, Colourful, Willow, Wicker, Bamboo style coffins and American caskets are also available, please enquire for further information and prices.

Golden Leaves Funeral Plans

The Advantages of Taking Out a Funeral Plan

A funeral plan allows you peace of mind to know you are minimising the decisions that your family and friends are found with at an emotional time – and your specific wishes are carried out.

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