Funeral Costs

Simple Funeral

£1810 (From)

  • A funeral with standard features

Traditional Funeral

£2180 (From)

  • Our most popular type of funeral

Direct Funeral

£1495 (From)

  • Funeral Without a Service

We are a signatory to the Fair Funerals Pledge 2020

Your Choice of Funeral

Funeral arrangements are a matter of personal wishes and choice and below are a few examples of what is available. The best way to obtain an estimate is by having an informal discussion with myself either in my offices or in the comfort of your own home to discuss your wishes. I will not rush you into making any decisions.

TRADITIONAL FUNERAL SERVICE - The Traditional funeral service is often chosen by most families and can be tailor made. Below shows an example of typical choices involved.

  • The Traditional Funeral service is Inclusive of the Personal attention of the Funeral Director throughout the funeral arrangements and on the day of the funeral
  • Professional fees, local removal of the deceased within a 20 mile radius from either a hospital, care home or private residence during working hours of Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm, to and with use of premises
  • Care and Preparation of the deceased including dressing your loved one in their own clothes
  • Use of a Private Chapel of Rest
  • A standard black motor hearse with the necessary attendants allowing for a  funeral cortege to start from a local home address to a local Crematorium/ Cemetery Chapel or a Church followed by a committal for a standard service and returning to a local address afterwards.
  • This service is based on using the 'Conway' coffin available in Oak  or Mahogany veneer, which is both presentable and adequate for most funerals. However, should something different be required then these are usually obtainable within 4-5 days, some other examples are shown above.

What is not included in the £2,180 Traditional Funeral cost

  • Out of Hours Removal of the deceased into my care Monday - Friday from 5.00pm – 8.30am including weekends and Bank Holidays from a Private residence or Care home £110:00
  • A standard black limousine that seats upto 6 people £210:00
  • A selection of different coffins and caskets from £475:00
  • Embalming from £120:00
  • Disbursements (Third Party fees) please see table below for costs.

Simple Funeral

As a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors, and in accordance with my membership, I offer a dignified, low-cost funeral service option called the  'Simple Funeral' which includes the following;

  • Funeral Directors Professional Fees
  • Local removal of the deceased within a 15 mile radius from either a hospital or private residence during working hours of Mon- Fri 8.30 - 5.00pm, to and with use of premises
  • Care and Preparation of the deceased
  • Use of a Private Chapel of Rest within Office hours
  • a standard black motor hearse with all necessary attendants directly from my premises to a local crematorium or cemetery for a standard service time
  • A simple Oak veneer coffin.

* Disbursement fees to be added, see table below.                      

What is not included in the £1,810 Simple Funeral cost

*Out of Hours Removal of the deceased into my care Monday - Friday from 5.00pm – 8.30am including weekends and bank holidays from either a private residence or Care home                                          £110:00

*Embalming if required from             £120:00

*Additional Bearers if required due to Health & Safety                                      each £65:00

*Oversized Coffin                      From£120:00

*Additional Mileage          per mile    £   1:80

Direct Cremation or Burial

This option is available to those who may not necessarily want the formality of a traditional funeral service before a cremation or burial and doesn't allow for any service to take place or family members to be present. This service is inclusive of:

  • Funeral Directors Professional fees for arranging the funeral
  • Local removal of the deceased within a 15 mile radius during normal working hours Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm from a local hospital, care home or private residence
  • Care of the deceased
  • A suitable vehicle and staff to convey the deceased to a local crematorium
  • Cremation fee at a local crematorium and a date and time of our choosing.
  • A basic coffin
  • Collection and Return of the cremated remains to my office in Sun Street


* Dressing deceased in own clothes and Chapel visitation                                            £ 120:00

* Embalming                                      £ 120:00

* Doctors fee of                                  £  82:00

*Out of Hours Removal of the deceased into my care Monday  - Friday from 5.00pm - 8.30am from either a Private residence or Care home                                         £145:00.

*This service requires full payment at time of arrangement.

A Fully Itemised Estimate

At the time of the funeral arrangement I will give you a fully itemised estimate which is made up of two parts; My Charges and those of the “Disbursements” also known as Third Party Fees

The final invoice will be sent to you shortly after the funeral. If you are passing the account to a solicitor please let me know as soon as possible, if you are dealing with the estate yourself, you may present the invoice to the deceased’s bank or building society for payment directly from their account.

If you are finding it difficult to pay for the funeral you may be able to get assistance from the Benefits Agency. To qualify the next of kin must be in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits. These are Income Support, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Job Seekers Allowance (income based), Disabled Person’s Tax Credit, Working Family’s Tax Credit. Please contact your local Department of Work and Pensions for more information.

Disbursements (Third Party fees)

Disbursements are paid for on your behalf by the Funeral Director before the day of the funeral. I will explain these costs to you during the funeral arrangement meeting.

Listed below are the current typical fees that would need to be added to the costs of the Simple and Traditional Funerals;

  • Fees at the local Enfield Crematorium Monday to Friday start from £499.00 for an unattended Direct Cremation
  • A service at 9.30am with use of the Chapel for a 20 minute service is £750.00
  • A service from 10.00am onwards with up to 30 minutes service in the Chapel  is £977:00.

Fees for a local resident of Waltham Abbey being buried in the local Waltham Abbey cemetery would be for purchasing a grave including an interment for one person is £1,509:00 or purchasing the grave and interment of two persons is £1,729:00.

Fees for a Minister or Funeral Celebrant taking a service at the local Enfield Crematorium range from £222.00 - £250.00 approximately. If a service was to take place in a Church prior to the burial or cremation then these fees will be quoted at the time of arrangement.

Doctor’s fees, these are fees paid to two doctors for completing statutory forms that allow a cremation to proceed. One doctor would be the doctor who was  in attendance of the deceased prior to death and the second doctor, an independent doctor who signs the second form known as the Confirmatory Form 5, typically these forms are referred to as Cremation Forms. Each doctor is paid a fee, currently £82.00, which is a total of £164.00.

Should the deceased become under the care of Her Majesty’s Coroners Service then these fees may not be required.

During this time of COVID 19 only one doctor is currently signing the cremation form therefore a single fee of £82.00 is being charged.

Please note; Disbursements (Third Party fees) are payable in full at the time of arrangement for all funeral arrangements.

The Direct and Simple funerals must be paid in full in cleared funds 48 hours prior to the funeral taking place.

The Traditional funeral service is required to be paid within 21 days from the date of the funeral invoice.

Terms of Business

Andrew D Crowley Independent Funeral Director

17, Sun Street, Waltham Abbey, EN9 1ER

Tel 01992 763 777

Term’s of Business

The Direct Cremation and Simple Funeral services are required to be paid in full 48 hours before the funeral takes place

Invoice Terms

Disbursements (Third Party Fees) – All third party fees are required to be paid in full either at the time of the arrangement or within 48 hours of the funeral taking place.

  • The final funeral invoice with the balance outstanding will be submitted to the client approximately one week after the funeral has taken place.
  • The final balance is due no later than 21 days of the date of the invoice.
  • How to pay – I accept payment by Cash, Cheques, BACS (Bank Transfers), Credit/Debit Cards
  • Funeral Finance is available should payment of the final invoice prove difficult, please ask for details
  • If payment of the final invoice remains unpaid it may be necessary to engage the services of a third party company to collect the balance on my behalf who may add fees, charges and interest.

Disclosure of Interest

The business of Andrew. D. Crowley Independent Funeral Director is solely owned and operated by Andrew D Crowley. I am not part of any group or co -operative and no other business or person has an interest into this business or am I associated with or connected to any other business.

Our partner Funeral Safe are able to arrange finance towards the cost of a funeral.

The Advantages of Taking Out a Funeral Plan

A funeral plan allows you peace of mind to know you are minimising the decisions that your family and friends are found with at an emotional time – and your specific wishes are carried out.

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